Ethereum Travel Token

Ethereum Travel Token is a disruptive decentralized travel ecosystem integrated
with federation protocols (SAML, OAuth, WS-TRUST/FED) built on ERC20 technology for
rthe travelers to book or manage their travel reservations in Travel Industry including Airlines, Hotels
and Car Rental Industries.


About Ethereum Travel Token

Ethereum Travel Token is a disruptive decentralized travel ecosystem integrated with federation protocols (SAML, OAuth, WS-TRUST/FED) built on ERC20 technology for the travelers to book or manage their travel reservations in Travel Industry including Airlines, Hotels and Car Rental Industries.

ETH Travel Application - Using Ethereum Travel Tokens, traveller will be able to book and manage travel reservations with the airlines, hotels, car rental industries directly.

Ethereum Travel Token's goal is to integrate all the Travel Industries (Airlines, Hotel and Car Rentals) under one umbrella to enable the peer to peer integration between the traveler and the travel industries.

Blockchain technology will not only disrupt banking - Travel Industry too is to be shake-up

Applications of ETH Travel

ETH Travel Applications based on Ethereum ERC20 blockchain technology in conjunction with Federation Protocols (SAML 2.0, OAUTH, WS-FED) across multiple use cases

The life of a Ethereum Travel Token transaction starts at one ETH Travel application and ends at another Travel Industry using integrated federation protocols...

Ability to Manage/Book Travel Reservations Using ETH Travel Token Mobile Application

Logical Overview
  • A Users open their their ETHTT Travel APP to manage or book travel reservations for airline, hotels or rental cars.
  • B Users can securely access their account information via ETH mobile wallet application or the portal application located in the secure element.
  • C Upon successful authentication, the secure element accesses the user account information, encrypts it and passes it on to the mobile network operator (MNO), over the blockchain network.
  • D The MNO, using secure federation technology protocols (SAML 2.0) transfers the encrypted data to the trusted service manager (TSM) in the form of blocks.
  • E The TSM decrypts the data and passes it on to the Airlines, Hotels or Car Rental Industries- service providers or vendors.
  • F The Airlines or Hotels/ Car Rental settles the transaction against the user's ETH Travel account. The ETH travel releases the tokens and sends back to the user's phone through the samemechanism above.

ETH Travel Token APIs which will be used to build for integration with consumer facing applications (Airlines, Hotels and Rental Car)


This Application layer consists of APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) to facilitate the use of blockchain functions and user interfaces to enable consumer interaction.


Key Features

Ethereum Travel Token APIs resemble modular building blocks that enable different kinds of functionalities to be implemented to integrate with Airlines, Hotel, Rental Car Industry applications. Some key features are:

  • Usability" APIs are quick and easy to use, with consistent structure and business functionalities, enhancing developer productivity.
  • Extensibility " Modular API design can ease capability extension.

User interfaces (Apps) utilize APIs and are capable of communicating with each other during user transactions.


  • Alice uses the Ethereum Travel Application to explore travel bookings and execute various transactions using Ethereum Travel Tokens.
  • On hitting 'Book' button, several underlying APIs are invoked and execute the transactions
  • Alice can view her transaction log until completion within seconds or be notified if balance changes.

Sample Ethereum Travel Token APIs

Application API

Get Balance
Get Address
Get Current Price
Get Transaction History

Notification API

Create Notification
Enable Notification
Display Notification
Disable Notification

Sample User Interface

Welcome Alice!
Current Balance: 10020 ETH Travel Tokens
Why is it important?

Why should Travel industry domain get excited about
Ethereum Travel Token ?

  Traditional Travel Booking Ethereum Travel Token

The Online Travel Agencies and GDS holds your personal information related data. You hold the key to your money and reservations. No need to trust a third party.
Heavy regulation and oversight to ensure the OTA (Online Travel Agencies and GDS) don't corrupt. No regulations needed since control is not centralized to any single bad actor.

Expensive controls against theft and fraud. Security derived from the consensus of the network.
Complex system of Global Distributed System and intermediaries make it expensive for the users and travel domains to make or modify reservations, especially internationally. Direct, free peer to peer transfer without any intermediaries.
Hundreds of currencies, fluctuating in value and subject to local laws and regulations. First truly global currency in travel industry.

ETH Travel Tokens potential stems from a set of characteristic attributes

Key Features

ETH Travel Token ERC20 Blockchain Functioning

User creates transaction using ETH Tokens
Transaction as a 'block'
Block is transacted using federation protocol
Network nodes approve
Block added to chain
Transaction entered on ledger

The features of ETH Travel Token based on ERC20 technology integration with Federation Protocols can deliver significant value to travelers and travel industry

  • Decentralized
  • Increases speed of exchange between user transactions using ETH Travel Tokens, which reduces backlog and overall costs of paying commissions to the travel agents
  • Improves resource availability and reliability in real-time.

  • Distributed
  • Increases efficiency by standardizing data formats in transaction, enabling interoperability, and ensures process integrity.
  • Reduces risk of fraud, error and invalid transactions because records cannot be altered.
  • Improves auditability because records are verified in near real-time.
  • Digital
  • Helps identify the correct value of the booking reservations, thereby, ensuring the data integrity between the transactions of the user and airlines, hotel and car rental industries.
  • Programmable
  • Enables new capabilities to be added to existing services and processes in the travel industry.
  • Enables collaboration rules and methods to be strictly enforced.

  • Private vs. public
  • Private blockchain restricts participation of travel agents or employees of a travel agency or group of organizations.
  • Public blockchain enables anyone to participate in any capacity.

ETH Travel Token differs from conventional traditional current travel booking system in several ways

Current Travel Booking System
ETH Travel Token
  • Control
  • Centralized control makes maintenance easier.
  • Decentralized control reduces dependency on third party travel agents. Thereby, controlling the user's confidential information shared across different vendors to book/manage the travel reservations
  • Access to Data
  • Tracked through rights and permissioned access managed centrally.
  • Non-trusted participants can join the ETH Travel ERC20 blockchain technology with restricted access to data.
  • Traceability
  • Complex data dependency and business model makes auditing difficult.
  • Easy traceability due to combination of IDs and history of transactions using federation protocols.
  • Scalability
  • Complicated process to scale for large data sets as scalability is achieved through replication.
  • Shared resources make scalability easy to achieve.
  • Security
  • Subjective protocols and techniques to ensure security while providing more control.
  • Cryptographically signed history maintains data integrity between the user transactions and the travel industries.
  • Immutability
  • Manipulation of historical interactions with data is possible and immutability is lost.
  • Unchangeable transactions on the ERC20 technology make it immutable but give lesser.control.
  • Real-time
  • Prolonged query times for large databases reduces possibility of real time reporting.
  • Shared querying and syncing enhances response time for reports.

Ethereum Travel Tokens " Understanding a typical transaction.

ETH Travel APP


User Login with digital identity that was created with user information upon registration. Once authenticated, a session cookie gets created.

Manage/Book Reservations


Variety of business rules applied to check user's balance, availability of airline tickets/ hotels rooms/ car rentals in the requested region, etc.

Determine the correct service provider


Social matching algorithm to get the lowest fare from the airlines, hotels and rental car service providers.


Complete Transaction


Location data used to verify 'proof-of-movement' using Federation (Cookie) and determine the cost in terms of ETH Travel Tokens.

Send Travel Booking transaction Confirmation


Real-time response will be sent to notify both the user and the service provider of the match and will generate the user's transaction using ETH Travel Tokens .

Roadmap for Enterprise Adoption

Road Map



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